Evan Penny

In his practice, figurative sculptor Evan Penny is interested in the influence of classicism and romanticism (and, more recently, photography and digital technologies) on sculptural realism. His works are meant to be not an affirmation or statement, but an interrogation of observation, of identity, and of an image-oriented world. After the lively criticisms elicited by the stark realism of his nudes, executed in traditional modelling technique in the 1980s, Penny began a long excursion into the film industry, creating prosthetics and special make-up effects for more than 25 movies, including for such well-known directors as David Cronenberg, Oliver Stone, and John Woo. It was the discovery of Ron Mueck’s work in 1998 that prompted him to return to his studio.

Penny was born in South Africa in 1953 and immigrated to Canada in 1964. He studied fine arts (1975) and then sculpture (1978) at the Alberta College of Art (now the Alberta University of the Arts). His works, found in many major public collections in Canada and the United States, have also been shown in over 20 solo exhibitions in Canada and throughout the world. Penny lives and works in Toronto. He is represented by the TrépanierBaer Gallery in Calgary.

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