Henriette Valium

Patrick Henley, a.k.a. Henriette Valium, is a key figure in the international underground comic scene. Influenced by the transgressive spirit of American counter-culture, and by the stylistic advancements of Robert Crumb (Mr. Natural), and Benito Jacovitti (Coco Bill), Henley became known for his hand-printed comic books (Cœur de maman, Primitive crétin) in which he innovated a personal style that combines bold subject matter and obsessively meticulous rendering. This attitude and approach have made him a highly-respected artist both in the United States and in Europe. 

In 2007, the French publishing house L’Association launched Valium Bédex Compilato, an essential compendium of Henley’s work. They were soon followed by Marseille-based publisher Dernier Cri, who published several of Henley’s prints and books, including Mutants I, Mutants II and Curés malades, and more recently, Montreal’s own Conundrum Press published Palace of Champions. Over the past few years, Henley has created complex three-dimensional works composed of hundreds of pieces, such as the well-known work Rachelle Berry, made of polychrome wood, which belongs to this category of Low Brow sculptural paintings, and perfectly illustrates Henley’s recent artistic direction.